Enon - The Age of Lamentation

Gear Up

I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for taking the time to put together a meaningful background for your character (I assume that Rachel's will be up soonish). As a reward for this, I am going to let all of you equip your character with the gear and items that they would have come across up to the starting point of this campaign. Keep it reasonable and let me look over it before we begin and I'll edit it as I deem necessary. 


I am not quite ready to start the campaign yet, it's a bit of a tall task to get ready for. Instead of creating the whole world I am focusing on a smaller region and will work as the game progresses. If no one has any plans on the Sunday after Christmas (yes I know it's New Year's Day), we can begin. If not then let's aim for the following weekend. 


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