Borba Badbog

Goblin Wizard


Name: Borba Badbog
Race: Goblin
Class: Wizard (Universalist), 1
Occupation: Detective/Investigator
Familiar: Brygos the Bat

Age: Adult 18
Alignment: Neutral/ Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Calistria – The Unquenchable Fire
Gender: Male
Height: 3’ 1"
Weight: 36 lbs
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Silver
Skin: Charcoal



  • Obsessive.
  • Focused.
  • Likes to have friends, but won’t admit it.
  • Always Hungry/Fast Metabolism.
  • Mumbles a Goblin Song or two when he isn’t paying attention.
  • Really wants to Ride on a Dire Bat.
  • Neutral/Chaotic Neutral – I do what I need to get what I want, but I may enjoy watching the messes I cause a little bit.


Borba was born in a small village, he escaped certain death, he was raised by a backwoods wizard, and then he left home when his own skills inspired him to change the world.

His childhood in a goblin village was disrupted when the Barghest that ruled over his tribe went mad and rampaged across the village. Borba managed to escape into the woods, but he feels guilt that he was unable to save anyone else. Now he is completely alone.

Norbert, secluded wizard, found him and felt pity. The wizard took him home to a built-out cave and raised him to adulthood. Borba assisted the wizard throughout his youth and became well acquainted with the study of magic.

One day, a bat came into their home and Borba instantly identified with the bat’s appearance. He found that he looked more similar to the bat than his own guardian. He named the bat Brygos and took him in as his own assistant (or familiar) for magical studies.

Through some clever detective work he didn’t know he possessed, Borba helped a nearby apothecary shop owner find out what had been destroying the owner’s shipments. The detective work encouraged Borba in knowing that he could impact the world if he put work into it. Perhaps there is a way to find and destroy Barghests, or at least the Barghest that wrecked his village. His budding investigative talent will help.

He packed up and departed from Norbert’s home, trekking out into the world. Also, maybe he can find some more bats, because bats are cool.

Soon after venturing out, he discovered how unpredictable the world can be and it is difficult to be prepared for everything with so little experience. He remembered his apprenticeship and his ability to scribe scrolls to help further prepare him for what is to come.

He also discovered that one of his scribed scrolls fill fetch a healthy feast in trade, provided he can find a market that doesn’t shoo him away when they realize he isn’t a halfling hiding under that robe. Success means a sack of spices and a few delicacies, and that is exactly what he now has in his backpack.

Would anyone else like a grasshopper and garlic stuffed chili? It’s delicious! How about some fresh brewed coffee with nutmeg? Who wouldn’t?

Oh! Even better! Someone has lost something or someone and Borba can help! That means he could be able to buy the box of live guinea pig he passed up after all! They will taste so good!

Borba Badbog

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